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Alternative forms[edit]


girl +‎ -ie


girlie (plural girlies)

  1. (slang) A magazine targeting an adult male audience and containing nude or semi-nude photographs of women.
    When Grandma came to visit, the boy hid the girlies in his dresser so she wouldn't see them.
  2. (colloquial) A young girl.
    Daddy's little girlie



girlie (comparative girlier, superlative girliest)

  1. (slang) Of entertainment, involving attractive women or images thereof, usually nude or wearing skimpy clothing.
  2. Characteristic of a stereotypical girl, very effeminate, sweet; unmasculine.
    • 2005, Victoria Pade, Tales From Elk Creek (page 76)
      He said he wasn't paying good money for girlie hair — that's what he called it anytime we wanted to go into town to have a real haircut.