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grow +‎ -er



grower (plural growers)

  1. A farmer; one who grows things.
    He was an orange grower from Florida.
  2. Something that grows.
    These flowers are fast growers
    • 2015 February 7, Val Bourne, “The quiet man of the world of snowdrops”, in The Daily Telegraph (London), page G8:
      'The Bride' [a snowdrop variety], found in the early Seventies at Foxcote Farm near Cheltenham, was his first discovery. It's a poculiform (cup-shaped) G. elwesii with six pure white petals of the same length. Like many poculiforms [] it's not a strong grower.
  3. Someone or something who becomes more likeable over time
    I didn't like the song at first, but it is a real grower.
  4. (slang) A man whose penis does not show its full size until it is erect.
    Antonym: shower