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From Latin farcīre, present active infinitive of farciō; and Spanish harto.


hartar (first-person singular present harto, first-person singular preterite harté, past participle hartado)

  1. (informal) to bore, tire
    Ya nos hartaste con tu actitud.
    You've already tired us with your attitude.
  2. (dated) to satisfy
  3. (vulgar, reflexive, transitive, El Salvador) to eat
    Hartate ya la comida, que ya se va a poner fría.
    Eat your food now, because it's gonna get cold soon.
    • 2008-07-18, commenter under the name "Ricardo", ElPeriodico.com.gt
      Así como los salvadoreños nos hartamos su pollo campero, así ustedes vuelen por TACA, y estamos a mano.
      Just as we, Salvadorans, eat your Campero chicken, you [Guatemalans] should fly with TACA, and we'll be even.



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