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ho- (space, area, things) + -si- (modal) + -Ø- (3rd person subject prefix) + -Ø- (classifier)-ʼą́ (neuter perfective stem of root -ʼĄ́, “to handle SRO”).



  1. there is space, room
    Shá hazʼą́.I have some room.
    Doo hazʼą́ą da.There is no room for you
  2. it is permissible, legal
    Bee shá hazʼą́.It is permissible for me to do it, I'm allowed to do it.
    Doo bee hazʼą́ą da.You have no right
  3. a disease strikes
    Bee shąąh dah hazʼą́.I have it (a disease).
  4. can do, can be, could, been able, being able


Paradigm: Neuter perfective (si), third person only.

Like other si-perfective positional (see sidá), plural forms are built by prefixing na-, with optional plural da- : nahazʼą́, ndahazʼą́.

Derived terms[edit]