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hobbel (third-person singular simple present hobbels, present participle hobbelling, simple past and past participle hobbelled)

  1. (rare) Alternative form of hobble
    • 1864, Hamilton Graeme:
      The horses were hobbelled, and turned out to graze, a sufficient supply of fuel was soon procured from the quantity of dried wood that was strewed about, and a fire lighted to prepare their tea.
    • 1910, Algie Martin Simons & ‎Charles H. Kerr, The International Socialist Review - Volume 10, page 819:
      Pouget says : "The centralism which, in other countries, kills labor's initiative and hobbels the autonomy of the syndicates, disgusts the French working class; and it is that spirit of autonomy and federalism (initiative and solidarity) and which is the essence of the industrial society of the future, which gives to French syndicalism a profound revolutionary phase."
    • 1967, Wanderings in new south wales - Volume 1, page 187:
      Having hobbelled our horses, that eagerly fed on the luxuriant grass surrounding them, we crossed the river in a canoe which had been scooped by Mr. Manton 's servants from the solid trunk of a " water gum" tree, (Eucalyptus sp.) and was capable of carrying four or six persons.


hobbel (plural hobbels)

  1. (rare) Alternative form of hobble
    • 1888 -, Canada Parliament, Sessional Papers of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada:
      They were the only Quartermasters who reported to me on the Upon taking over the Camp equipage from the various Corps, I beg to report the following shortages:The 3rd Regiment of Cavalry—One grey blanket short, six hobbels and one small mallet.
    • 1913, Field and Stream - Volume 18, page 420:
      Don't put a hobbel on yore naybur, unless you want yore own bed tied to yore hutt.
    • 2003, Aylward Shorter & ‎Maggie Price Taylor, The Shorter Family: England, America and Africa in the History of a Family, page 178:
      The sheriff, therefore, attached "one pair of iron spancels (hobbels), a black horse, a gun, three sheep, ...




Cognate to English hobble, German Hubbel.


  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɔbəl
  • IPA(key): /hɔbəl/


hobbel m (plural hobbels, diminutive hobbeltje n)

  1. bump
  2. (gait) hobble

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Alternative forms[edit]


Uncertain; perhaps related to German Hobel "plane; carpenter's axe". Compare the nouns hobble "state of confusion; difficulty" and hobbell "part of a shoe; a cobbler".


hobbel (third-person singular present ?, present participle ?, past hobbeld, past participle hobbeld)

  1. (obsolete) to mend clumsily; cobble


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