home away from home

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Alternative forms[edit]


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home away from home (plural homes away from home)

  1. (idiomatic) A place in which one is as comfortable as one's actual home.
    • 2004, Steve Parish, Joe Layden, Home Before Daylight: My Life on the Road with the Grateful Dead, St. Martin's Press, →ISBN:
      I stayed in a lot of hotels in New York with the Dead and with Jerry's band, but the Navarro, more than any other, became our home away from home.
    • 2008, Susie Castillo, Confidence is Queen: The Four Keys to Ultimate Beauty Through Positive Thinking, Penguin, →ISBN:
      Here's how you can create your own home away from home if you travel often: keep some of your favorite things that say home in a bag—like a backpack or travel bag—so you can take it with you.


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