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hot +‎ bar


hotbar (plural hotbars)

  1. (computing) A panel of buttons to which users can assign frequently used commands.
    • 2002, Justin Brown, Robert Howarth, & Damien Waples, Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles, →ISBN, page 267:
      Now that you have the tools needed for Alchemy, you must create your tradeskill hotbar to use when you practice Alchemy.
    • 2003, Phillip Marcus & Danielle Vanderlip, Horizons: Empires of Istaria Official Strategy Guide, →ISBN, page 18:
      The reason to do this is that if you set up a single macro on one hotbar button to use multiple abilities, you won't be able to see when they refresh unless they are visible on the screen — placing them on another hotbar will let you press them individually as they refresh, or simply push your batch macro again.
    • 2013, Michael Rotter, Eugenie Alexander, & Rodney Almodovar, Improving Productivity with IBM ISPF Productivity Tool V7.1 for z/OS, →ISBN, page 600:
      To activate a hotbar command, use Point-and-Shoot techniques. You can place any valid command that could be manually entered on the Command line.
    • 2014, BradyGames, Build, Discover, Survive! Mastering Minecraft Strategy Guide, →ISBN:
      At the very bottom of the screen are nine grey boxes. These represent your hotbar slots! Pressing the keyboard keys that are bound to those hotbar slots lets you switch between items quickly once you assign objects to the slots.
  2. A strip on a TAB (tape automated bonding) chip where components are attached by using a reflow head to hold them down while applying pressure and pulse heat to form a bond.
    • 1961, George Lindenberg Clark, The encyclopedia of microscopy, page 44:
      Frequently, if a contact preparation between an unknown and an easily supercooled material such as thymol is allowed to digest on the hotbar, the unknown will develop well defined crystal faces in the mixing zone.
    • 1994, John H. Lau, Handbook of Fine Pitch Surface Mount Technology, page 419:
      Minimum requirements for the hotbar bonding cycle are component acquisition, placement, and reflow while attached to a substrate.
    • 2008, Information Display:
      Manufacturers of affordable custom hotbar bonding equipment used in chip-on-flex, chip-on-glass, or Hex (TAB) attach.