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Etymology 1[edit]

husk +‎ -y; in relation to voice, from the sense "dry as a husk" or "tough as a husk".


husky ‎(comparative huskier, superlative huskiest)

  1. (of a voice) hoarse and rough-sounding
  2. (US) burly, stout
    • Hamlin Garland
      You look like a good, husky man to pitch in the barnyard []
    • 1965, Popular Mechanics, September issue, page 22
      Word got around quickly that this plane, which has been flying since January, is bigger and huskier than our proposed C-5A []
  3. Abounding with husks; consisting of husks.
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Derived terms[edit]
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Etymology 2[edit]

Shortening of husky dog, where husky is ultimately from the same Old Montagnais root as Eskimo.


Two Alaskan huskies in harness

husky ‎(plural huskies)

  1. Any of several breeds of dogs used as sled dogs.
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