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in- +‎ eradicable



  1. Not able to be eradicated; (of a root, plant, etc.) too deep to remove.
    • 1666, Gideon Harvey, Morbus Anglicus: or, The Anatomy of Consumptions, London: Nathaniel Brook, Chapter 32, p. 197,[1]
      The procatarctick causes render the Disease more or less curable: a Consumption of grief, as it moves more slowly than others, so its malign effects are impressed with a more certain and irresistable force; wherefore unless prevented in the bud, takes an ineradicable root.
    • 1820, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Prometheus Unbound, London: C & J Ollier, Act I, Scene 1, p. 27,[2]
      And in the corn, and vines, and meadow-grass,
      Teemed ineradicable poisonous weeds
      Draining their growth []
    • 1928, W. Somerset Maugham, “His Excellency” in Ashenden: Or the British Agent,[3]
      “All sensible people know that vanity is the most devastating, the most universal and the most ineradicable of the passions that afflict the soul of man, and it is only vanity that makes him deny its power. []
    • 1995, Oliver Sacks, “An Anthropologist on Mars” in An Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales, New York: Knopf, pp. 276-277,
      While they were well aware of many of the problems of their autism, they had a respect for their differentness, even a pride. Indeed, in some autistic people this sense of radical and ineradicable differentness is so profound as to lead them to regard themselves, half jokingly, almost as members of another species []



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