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in- +‎ filo (string) +‎ -are


infilare (transitive)

  1. to insert, to tuck in
    Synonyms: introdurre, inserire, immettere, ficcare, infilzare
    infilare le chiavi nella toppa
    to open the lock with the keys
    (literally, “insert the keys in the lock”)
  2. to puncture
  3. to thread (a needle, etc.)
  4. to do one after another in rapid succession
    infilare una fesseria dopo l'altra
    to trot out one nonsensical statement after another
  5. to put on (an item of clothing)
    Synonyms: indossare, calzare, mettersi
  6. to take (a route, etc.)
    Synonyms: entrare, prendere, imboccare
    infilare la portato take the door
  7. to guess
    Synonyms: indovinare, centrare, azzeccare, imbroccare


Derived terms[edit]


Further reading[edit]

  • infilare in – Vocabolario Treccani on line, Istituto dell'Enciclopedia Italiana