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in +‎ nemen


innemen ‎(past singular nam in, past participle ingenomen)

  1. to swallow (a medicine)
  2. to confiscate
  3. to conquer
  4. to get in a means of transportation
  5. to charm


Inflection of innemen (strong class 4, separable)
infinitive innemen
past singular nam in
past participle ingenomen
infinitive innemen
gerund innemen n
verbal noun
main clause subordinate clause
present tense past tense present tense past tense
1st person singular neem in nam in inneem innam
2nd person sing. (jij) neemt in nam in inneemt innam
2nd person sing. (u) neemt in nam in inneemt innam
2nd person sing. (gij) neemt in naamt in inneemt innaamt
3rd person singular neemt in nam in inneemt innam
plural nemen in namen in innemen innamen
subjunctive sing.1 neme in name in inneme inname
subjunctive plur.1 nemen in namen in innemen innamen
imperative sing. neem in
imperative plur.1 neemt in
participles innemend ingenomen
1) Archaic.

Derived terms[edit]