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Alternative forms[edit]


internal +‎ -ize



internalize (third-person singular simple present internalizes, present participle internalizing, simple past and past participle internalized)

  1. (transitive) To make something internal; to incorporate it in oneself.
    1. To process new information in one's mind.
    2. To refrain from expressing (a negative emotion), to one's psychological detriment; to bottle up.
      • Woody Allen as Isaac (1979) Manhattan, written by Woody Allen & Marshall Brickman, United Artists
        "Well, I can't get angry, okay? I mean, I have a tendency to internalize. I can't express anger. That's one of the problems I have—I grow a tumor instead."
  2. (transitive, programming) To store (a string or other structure) in a shared pool, such that subsequent items with the same value can share the same instance.
    Synonym: intern
  3. (finance) To transfer stocks between brokers within an organization, rather than through the exchange.