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Alternative forms[edit]


From Hindustani जलेबी / ⁧جلیبی(jalebī). Doublet of zalabiya.


jalebi (plural jalebis)

  1. A sweet popular in the Indian subcontinent, made by deep-frying a maida flour batter and soaking it in sugar syrup.
    • 2000, Tarla Dalal, Chaat, page 98:
      You will not believe how quickly jalebis can be made. I have used yeast to ferment the jalebi batter quickly and so it does not require to be left for a day to ferment. The trick here is to immediately start frying the jalebis once the batter has rested for 10 minutes.
    • 2001, B.S. Rana, Jataka Tales, page 80:
      On the way he saw a sweetmeat seller making jalebis (spiral sweet). He was tempted. In his mind he thought he'd have some jalebis.
    • 2006, Hema De Munnikl, Bhole: Adventures of a Young Yogi, page 22:
      But Bhole refused to listen. He became very angry and started to scream, “I want jalebis! Give me jalebis! I want them now!”
    • 2018 January 17, Shivani Vora, “A Go-To Grocery for Indian Cooks”, in The New York Times[1], →ISSN:
      Mr. Alam and his staff often insist that visitors enjoy a free treat like chocolate barfi, condensed milk mixed with chocolate, or jalebis, deep fried rice flour coated in a sugary syrup, while they shop. “I want my customers to feel welcome and offering mithai is a way to show hospitality,” Mr. Alam said.


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