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From the same stem as the noun krēsla ‎(twilight, dusk), made into a second-conjugation intransitive verb (ending -ot).[1]




krēslot intr., 3rd conj., only 3rd personpres. krēslo, past krēsloja

  1. to become, to be getting dark, to grow dusk
    jau sāk krēslot — it is getting dark, night is drawing on
    vakars pamazam krēslo — the evening is slowly turning into dusk
    ir jau vēls, krēslo — it is late, it is getting dark
    krēsloja vasaras nogales vēlīns vakars — the belated late summer evening was turning into dusk
    mājās brauca vēlu, kad jau stipri krēsloja, bet noguruši nejutās — they went home late, when it was getting really dark, but they did not feel tired


Usage notes[edit]

Latviešu etimoloģijas vārdnīca indicates krēsla ‎(twilight) as having level intonation. Pronunciation with broken intonation can be encountered despite the fact that this eliminates the possibility to differentiate it from krēsls ‎(chair) (which LEV in fact indicates as having a level intonation as well although in practice it is most commonly pronounced with a broken tone.)

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


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