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Borrowed from German Geviert (em quad)[1], from the past participle of vieren (to square), from vier (four).


  • IPA(key): [ˈkvirt]
  • Hyphenation: kvirt


kvirt (plural kvirtek)

  1. (typography) em, em quad, mutton (quad which has a fixed width equal to the height of the type in use)
    Synonym: betűnégyzet


Inflection (stem in -e-, front unrounded harmony)
singular plural
nominative kvirt kvirtek
accusative kvirtet kvirteket
dative kvirtnek kvirteknek
instrumental kvirttel kvirtekkel
causal-final kvirtért kvirtekért
translative kvirtté kvirtekké
terminative kvirtig kvirtekig
essive-formal kvirtként kvirtekként
inessive kvirtben kvirtekben
superessive kvirten kvirteken
adessive kvirtnél kvirteknél
illative kvirtbe kvirtekbe
sublative kvirtre kvirtekre
allative kvirthez kvirtekhez
elative kvirtből kvirtekből
delative kvirtről kvirtekről
ablative kvirttől kvirtektől
Possessive forms of kvirt
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. kvirtem kvirtjeim
2nd person sing. kvirted kvirtjeid
3rd person sing. kvirtje kvirtjei
1st person plural kvirtünk kvirtjeink
2nd person plural kvirtetek kvirtjeitek
3rd person plural kvirtjük kvirtjeik

Derived terms[edit]


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