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  • First appearance in a dictionary is from 1848: Johan Fredrik Wallin, Suomen- Wenäjän- ja Ruotsin-kielinen Sana-kirja (Finnish-Russian-Swedish Dictionary), p. 360, printed in Hämeenlinna by S. Nordenswan.
  • According to Suomen sanojen alkuperä (The Origin of the Finnish Words), 1992, published by Kotus, the word is first attested in the writings of Christfrid Ganander in 1786.
  • Cognates in other Finnic languages include Estonian and Ludic kürb, Karelian kyrpä and Ingrian and Votic kürpä.
  • Sometimes said to refer originally to a lone, tall pine tree, or alternately a strong branch on a pine top, such as formed when the top was damaged but remained attached, and a side branch started growing upward at the spot. In light of the notes above, this appears to be an urban legend. It is more likely that the pine-related usage is a later development than the sexually related one.



  1. (vulgar) cock, dick, prick, schlong (penis)
  2. (vulgar) asshole, prick (annoying person)
    Useimmat poliitikot ovat täysiä kyrpiä.
    Most politicians are real pricks.


Inflection of kyrpä (Kotus type 10/koira, p-v gradation)
nominative kyrpä kyrvät
genitive kyrvän kyrpien
partitive kyrpää kyrpiä
illative kyrpään kyrpiin
singular plural
nominative kyrpä kyrvät
accusative nom. kyrpä kyrvät
gen. kyrvän
genitive kyrvän kyrpien
partitive kyrpää kyrpiä
inessive kyrvässä kyrvissä
elative kyrvästä kyrvistä
illative kyrpään kyrpiin
adessive kyrvällä kyrvillä
ablative kyrvältä kyrviltä
allative kyrvälle kyrville
essive kyrpänä kyrpinä
translative kyrväksi kyrviksi
instructive kyrvin
abessive kyrvättä kyrvittä
comitative kyrpineen


Derived terms[edit]