lägga in

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lägga in (present lägger in, preterite lade in, supine lagt in, imperative lägg in)

  1. to put (something in something – see lägga for the sense of put where this applies)
    Han lade in datorn i bakluckan på bilen
    He put the computer in the trunk of his car
    lägga in en prilla
    put in a portion of snus ("lägga in" is idiomatic in this case)
  2. to can, to pickle (to preserve)
    De här gurkorna har vi lagt in själva
    We've pickled these cucumbers ourselves
  3. to admit (a person) to hospital
    Patienten lades in i onsdags
    The patient was admitted on Wednesday
  4. to add a piece of information to some record
    Hon lade in hans biometriska uppgifter i databasen
    She added his biometric data to the database
  5. to post or submit (a message) to an online message board
    Jag lade in min kommentar innan jag hade läst hela tråden
    I posted my comment before I had read the entire thread



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