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Alternative forms[edit]


hospital +‎ -ize


hospitalize (third-person singular simple present hospitalizes, present participle hospitalizing, simple past and past participle hospitalized)

  1. To send to hospital; to admit (a person) to hospital.
  2. (medicine, archaic) To render (a building) unfit for habitation, by long continued use as a hospital.
  3. (of an injury, illness, event, or person) To cause (a person) to require hospitalization.
    1. Said of an injury or illness.
      • 1980, Philip José Farmer, The Magic Labyrinth, Tor (2010), →ISBN, page 129:
        Shortly after World War I started, a painful arthritis in his knees hospitalized him.
      • 1996, “The Life, the Survival and the Triumph of Franz Gabl of St. Anton”, in Skiing Heritage: Journal of the International Skiing History Association, Volume 8, Number 2 (Spring/Summer 1996), ISSN 1082-2895, page 38:
        He fought on the ever-retreating front until July, 1943, without injury but then took a bullet in his helmet, his first wound, which hospitalized him for four weeks. [] [] [] Hospitalized again, he was later assigned to a supply unit until again hospitalized by a deep infection behind his knee.
      • 2005, Timothy O’Grady, On Golf: The Game, the Players, and a Personal History of Obsession, St. Martin’s Press (2006), →ISBN, page 199:
        My father had begun his long, slow decline long before that, but subsequently, on each of the anniversaries of her death, he had suffered increasingly debilitating crises that had hospitalized him and left him still more frail than before.
    2. Said of an assailant or other person.
      • 1999 February 24, "Alan Earle" (username), "Re: Asinine excuse for breeding...", in, Usenet:
        For example, just this month in Los Angeles a Jewish school principal was beaten and hospitalized by angry Hispanics who were upset because the mostly-Latino school their kids went to didn't also have a Hispanic principal.
      • 2001, Richard L. Curwin and Allen N. Mendler, Discipline with Dignity,[1] Merrill, →ISBN, page 198:
        One teacher in a Rochester, NY, school was hospitalized by an angry parent who came to school and attacked the teacher.
      • 2007 September 3, "john p" (username), "Re: I Finally Watched September Dawn", in, Usenet:
        My step-brother, on his mission, was hospitalized by an angry inactive mormon.

Derived terms[edit]





  1. first-person singular present subjunctive of hospitalizar
  2. third-person singular present subjunctive of hospitalizar
  3. first-person singular imperative of hospitalizar
  4. third-person singular imperative of hospitalizar