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lacey (comparative lacier, superlative laciest)

  1. Alternative spelling of lacy
    • 1901, Helen Follett Stevans, The Woman Beautiful[1]:
      Skirts of white muslin, with pretty frills and lacey trimmings that fall in soft folds and ruffles around one's feet, are mighty dainty things for the summer girl--but is there a colder sound than that of a starched white petticoat in the dead of winter?
    • 1914, Virginia Brooks, Little Lost Sister[2]:
      She was dressed in a lacey gown, a size too large for her.
    • 2008 July 11, The New York Times, “Museum and Gallery Listings”, in New York Times[3]:
      Michael Brown’s stainless-steel simulation of a cracked mirror freezes an act of anarchy into a lovely, lacey web.