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From Malay langsat.


langsat (plural langsats)

  1. A small, whitish-brown fruit of Southeast Asia, from the plant Lansium domesticum, with fleshy pulp and subacid taste.
    • 2008 June 1, Mary Roach, “Beyond Harry & David”, in New York Times[1]:
      He describes one variety of the stinking durian fruit as tasting like “undercooked peanut butter-mint omelets in body-odor sauce”; langsats are “tangy-sweet detonations of citric perfection”; biting into a monkey tamarind is “like eating cloud.”
    • 2015, Labodalih Sembiring, translating Eka Kurniawan, Man Tiger, Verso 2015, p. 39:
      He always had a good time, and always would come home with a bunch of bananas or a basket of langsat and durian fruit, which would definitely make Mamek happy, as well as his mother and father.