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Alternative forms[edit]


From lip sync.


lip-sync (third-person singular simple present lip-syncs, present participle lip-syncing, simple past and past participle lip-synced)

  1. (music, singing) To move lips in synchronization with sounds (generally recorded) so it appears they are the source of the sounds.
    She lip-synced to her own recording during the show because of her laryngitis.
    There was a great scandal when it was discovered the singer had been only lip-syncing.
    • 2013 September 23, Masha Gessen, “Life in a Russian Prison”, in New York Times[1], retrieved 24 September 2013:
      Tolokonnikova is one of two members of the punk group Pussy Riot who are serving two-year sentences for lip-syncing and playing air guitar for 40 seconds in a peaceful protest in the largest Moscow cathedral.

Coordinate terms[edit]