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lordly ‎(comparative lordlier or more lordly, superlative lordliest or most lordly)

  1. (obsolete) of or relating to a lord.
    Show us your lordly might: demonstrate that you can order people and get them to obey.
  2. Appropriate for, or suitable to, a lord; glorious.
    • Bible, Judges v. 25
      She brought forth butter in a lordly dish.
    • Tennyson
      The maidens gathered strength and grace / And presence, lordlier than before.
    • 1849Charlotte Brontë, Shirley, chapter 27
      It had also its Hall, called the Priory - an older, a larger, a more lordly abode than any Briarfield or Whinbury owned;
    • 1897Bram Stoker, Dracula, chapter 27
      There was one great tomb more lordly than all the rest.
  3. Proud; haughty; imperious; insolent.
    • Milton
      Lords are lordliest in their wine.


lordly ‎(comparative lordlier, superlative lordliest)

  1. In the manner of a lord. Showing command or nobility.
    • 1891, Sir Edwin Arnold, The Light of the World: Or, The Great Consummation,[1] Book I — “Mary Magdalene”, Funk & Wagnalls, page 56,
      [] / And Herod's painted pinnaces, ablaze / With lamps, and brazen shields and spangled slaves, / Came and went lordly at Tiberias; / []
    • 1925, Claude Kean, Stock Charges Against the Bible[2], published 2003, page 61:
      Look at man, then, walking lordly amidst the gigantic flora and fauna of long ago; and see if seven, eight, nine hundred years do not sit serenely on his mighty brow.