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Alternative forms


Alteration of lol using the suffix -z, a deliberately nonstandard variant of the plural marker -s.



lulz (uncountable)

  1. (Internet slang) Fun; amusement; humor; especially schadenfreude.
    • 2007 July 26, KTTV Fox 11 News report:
      Anonymous gets big lulz from pulling random pranks.
    • 2008 January 18, Julian Dibbell, “Mutilated Furries, Flying Phalluses: Put the Blame on Griefers, the Sociopaths of the Virtual World”, in Wired, issue 16.02:
      the antics of the Goons and /b/tards might actually sharpen our ability to make that distinction. To those who think the griefers' handiwork is simply inexcusable: Well, being inexcusable is, after all, the griefers' job. Ours is to figure out that caring too much only gives them more of the one thing they crave: the lulz.
    • 2008 June 20, Tom Whipple, “Scientology: the Anonymous protestors”, in The Times:
      Like “Hakuna matata” in The Lion King, “lulz” is not just a word, but a philosophy. [...] Anonymous has made campaigning sexy for the first time since 1968. The lulz is, after all, the ancient spirit that once made the young become Marxists, or sail off to the New World.
    • 2008 August 3, Mattathias Schwartz, “Malwebolence - The World of Web Trolling”, in The New York Times:
      Lulz” is how trolls keep score. A corruption of “LOL” or “laugh out loud,” “lulz” means the joy of disrupting another’s emotional equilibrium. “Lulz is watching someone lose their mind at their computer 2,000 miles away while you chat with friends and laugh,” said one ex-troll who, like many people I contacted, refused to disclose his legal identity.
    • 2020 September 30, Helen Lewis, “The Joke’s on Us”, in The Atlantic[1]:
      The casual sadism of trolling was just “lulz,” which shouldn’t be taken seriously. Sexism, racism, and other hatreds were being invoked for nothing more than shock value. It was ironic, duh.

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