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man +‎ eating


maneating ‎(not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of man-eating
    • 1907, Fur-fish-game, Volumes 5-6, page 129
      Well known maneating tigers were killed in several districts.
    • 1959, John Taylor, Maneaters and marauders, snippet
      A big maneating croc had appeared in the lagoon of Lifumba
    • 1998, Stephen P Fishelman, The Measure of Man, page 84
      They reflect what we are, maneating gods the gods of maneating men, beautiful Olympians the gods of the first humanists.


maneating ‎(uncountable)

  1. The consumption of human flesh by animals
    • 1993, Arjan Singh, The legend of the maneater, page 83
      Corbett described maneating as the compulsive seeking of human flesh by carnivores
    • 2002, Hans Kruuk, Hunter and hunted: relationships between carnivores and people, page 75
      In general, maneating is only an infinitesimally small factor of mortality amongst people.

Derived terms[edit]