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man +‎ eating


maneating (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of man-eating
    • 1907, Fur-fish-game, Volumes 5-6, page 129
      Well known maneating tigers were killed in several districts.
    • 1959, John Taylor, Maneaters and marauders, snippet
      A big maneating croc had appeared in the lagoon of Lifumba
    • 1998, Stephen P Fishelman, The Measure of Man, page 84
      They reflect what we are, maneating gods the gods of maneating men, beautiful Olympians the gods of the first humanists.


maneating (uncountable)

  1. The consumption of human flesh by animals
    • 1993, Arjan Singh, The legend of the maneater, page 83
      Corbett described maneating as the compulsive seeking of human flesh by carnivores
    • 2002, Hans Kruuk, Hunter and hunted: relationships between carnivores and people, page 75
      In general, maneating is only an infinitesimally small factor of mortality amongst people.

Derived terms[edit]