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From Middle English manship (position of honor; respect; courtesy; manly spirit or conduct; humanity; human condition), from Old English manscipe (humanity, courtesy), equivalent to man +‎ -ship. Cognate with Dutch manschap (homage, manred, crew), German Mannschaft (team, crew, squad, force), Swedish manskap (rank, crew).


  • IPA(key): /ˈmænʃɪp/
  • (file)


manship (uncountable)

  1. The characteristic of being a man; maleness; masculinity; manliness; manhood.
    • 1845, Orestes Augustus Brownson, Charles Elwood, p. 161:
      Every man is a man if he chooses to be, and has in himself all that he needs in order to be a man in the full significance of the term; and therefore no one has any occasion to borrow a part of his manship from his brother.
    • 1902, Lebbeus Harding Rogers, The Kite Trust (a Romance of Wealth), p. 324:
      He certainly had nothing to do with the choosing of his manship, any more than his sister had of her womanhood.
    • 2003, Leon Dash, When Children Want Children: The Urban Crisis of Teenage Childbearing, p. 200:
      They were middle-class and, therefore, "had a better attitude towards girls because boys [in Washington Highlands] like beating girls to show their manship.
    • 2007, Kevin P. Novak, Adam Versus Adam, p. 69:
      The manship of Jesus was hid from the eyes of men as completely as the Godship.
  2. (archaic) position of honor or respect; dignity, worthiness
    • c1400, Cursor Mundi:
      Ac fourti winter Madan mid mansipe held his riche.
  3. (archaic) honor shown to a person; homage, respect; courtesy
    • c1330, The Romance of Guy of Warwick:
      For los and priis þou miᵹt þer winne & manschip to þe & al þi kinne.
  4. (archaic) manly spirit or conduct; courage, valor, gallantry; chivalry
    • c1465, The Paston Letters:
      And how that ever ye do, hold up your manship.
  5. (archaic) human condition
    • c1400, Cursor Mundi:
      Bot he was ferliful to call if þou it sagh..þat in a man all manscip war.


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