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The pot marigold, Calendula officinalis.
The French marigold, Tagetes patula.


Mary +‎ gold, from Middle English golde ‎(marigold).

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Particularly: “is the Middle English etymology correct?”



marigold ‎(plural marigolds)

  1. Any garden flower plant of the genus Calendula, with orange, yellow or reddish flowers.
  2. Any plant of the genus Tagetes, a flowering plant with orange, yellow or reddish flowers.
  3. (Britain, genericised brand name, chiefly in the plural, sometimes with capital) A rubber glove, especially one for use in household cleaning.


Derived terms[edit]


marigold ‎(comparative more marigold, superlative most marigold)

  1. Having the color of marigolds, a bright yellowish-orange hue.

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