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Via some other European language, ultimately from Latin mechanicus ‎(of or belonging to machines or mechanics, inventive), from Ancient Greek μηχανικός ‎(mēkhanikós, pertaining to machines or contrivance, mechanic, ingenious, inventive), from μηχανή ‎(mēkhanḗ, a machine, contrivance).


mehānika f (4th declension)

  1. (physics) mechanics (branch of physics that studies the motion of bodies and their resulting interaction)
    teorētiskā, lietišķā mehānika — theoretical, applied mechanics
    klasiskā mehānika — classical mechanics
    viļņu mehānika — wave mechanics
    kvantu mehānika — quantum mechanics
    debess mehānika — celestial (lit. sky) mechanics
  2. mechanical engineering, technical engineering, maintenance (technical sector that deals with the designing, building, and maintenance of machines and their components)


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