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Via some other European language, ultimately from Latin mechanicus (of or belonging to machines or mechanics, inventive), from Ancient Greek μηχανικός (mēkhanikós, pertaining to machines or contrivance, mechanic, ingenious, inventive), from μηχανή (mēkhanḗ, a machine, contrivance).


mehānika f (4th declension)

  1. (physics) mechanics (branch of physics that studies the motion of bodies and their resulting interaction)
    teorētiskā, lietišķā mehānikatheoretical, applied mechanics
    klasiskā mehānikaclassical mechanics
    viļņu mehānikawave mechanics
    kvantu mehānikaquantum mechanics
    debess mehānikacelestial (lit. sky) mechanics
  2. mechanical engineering, technical engineering, maintenance (technical sector that deals with the designing, building, and maintenance of machines and their components)


Related terms[edit]