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From mehānika (mechanics) +‎ -isks. Probably not derived as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from another European language.




mehānisks (definite mehāniskais, comparative mehāniskāks, superlative vismehāniskākais, adverb mehāniski)

  1. mechanical (relating to the motion of bodies and their resulting interactions)
    mehāniskā enerģijamechanical energy
    materiāla mehāniskās īpašībasmechanical properties of the material
    mehāniskā sistēmamechanical system
    mehāniskais darbsmechanical work
    mehāniskais līdzsvarsmechanical equilibrium
  2. mechanical (realtingd to a mechanism or machine, producing mechanisms or machines, working with the help of a mechanism or machine)
    mehāniskā terapijamechanical therapy
    mehāniskā darbnīca, mehāniskais cehsmachine-shop (lit. mechanical workshop)
    mehāniskais veserismechanical hammer
    mehāniskās rotaļlietasmechanical toys
  3. mechanical (happening without the participation of consciousness, unconscious; without active, creative participation, one-sided)
    mehānisks darbsmechanical work
    mehāniska iemācīšanās no galvasmechanical learning by heart (lit. from head)


Related terms[edit]