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From metal +‎ -oid.



metalloid (plural metalloids)

  1. (chemistry) An element, such as silicon or germanium, intermediate in properties between that of a metal and a nonmetal; especially one that exhibits the external characteristics of a metal, but behaves chemically more as a nonmetal.
  2. (chemistry, obsolete) The metallic base of a fixed alkali, or alkaline earth; applied to sodium, potassium, and some other metallic substances whose metallic character was supposed to be not well defined.
    (Can we find and add a quotation of Sir Humphry Davy to this entry?)



metalloid (comparative more metalloid, superlative most metalloid)

  1. (informal) Characteristic of the metal music genre.
    • 1997, CMJ New Music Monthly (number 43, page 12)
      Graham Massey of 808 State turns a Björkian moan into a vibrating siren and powers his strangely metalloid version of "Army Of Me" with it; the Brodsky String Quartet turns "Hyperballad" into a stately 3-D chess game.
    • 2004, Gene Santoro, Highway 61 Revisited
      It expanded from bleary delay rippling with looped phrases to embrace molten metalloid raunch and blues grit, acoustic guitars and pedal steels.