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From Old Norse mjǫðr, from Proto-Germanic *meduz, from Proto-Indo-European *médʰu (sweet drink).

Germanic cognates: Old Frisian mede, Middle Low German mēde, Dutch mede, Old High German meto (German Met) and Old English medu (whence mead).

Indo-European cognates: Sanskrit मधु (madhu), Ancient Greek μέθυ (méthu, wine), Latin medus, Old Irish mid, Welsh medd (mead), Old Church Slavonic медъ (medŭ, honey), Ukrainian мед (med, honey), Russian мёд (mjod, honey, mead), Lithuanian medùs (honey), Tocharian B mīt.

Compare also Finnish and Estonian mesi and the Hungarian méz.



mjöður m (genitive singular mjaðar, nominative plural miðir)

  1. mead (alcoholic drink fermented from honey and water)
    Bergja á miðinum.
    To take a sip of mead.
  2. (poetic, by extension) any alcoholic beverage, especially beer


Derived terms[edit]