moment of silence

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moment of silence (plural moments of silence)

  1. A period of silence for quiet meditation, prayer or reflection.
    The pastor always opened his Sunday service with a moment of silence.
  2. A period of silence conducted to honor or provide a gesture of respect to a recently deceased person, as part of the mourning process. May also be conducted following a tragic event or on the anniversary thereof.
    The principal requested a moment of silence in memory of the two girls who died in a car accident over the weekend.
    • 2004, Carlin, George, When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?[1], New York: Hyperion Books, →ISBN, OCLC 757869006, OL 24604921M, page 174:
      The custom of observing a moment of silence before an athletic event to honor dead people strikes me as meaningless. And arbitrary. Because, if you'll notice, only certain people get this special treatment. It's highly selective. Therefore I've decided that someday, when the time comes that every single person in the world who dies receives a moment of silence, I will begin paying attention. Until then, count me out. It's ridiculous.