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na- (atelic, circuital) + -z- (si-perfective 3rd person subject prefix) + -Ø- (classifier)-jaaʼ (neuter perfective stem of root -JAAʼ, “to handle a profusion of objects”).



  1. they lie around somewhere, are located somewhere (groups of profusion of small, visually difficult to count objects as sand, seeds or pebbles)

Usage notes[edit]

This verb is limited to expression in the third person and refers to multiple groups of small items. Also occurs with distributive da- as ndaazhjaaʼ, refering to a greater plurality of groups.

For a single group, use the verb shijaaʼ.

This is a neuter verb that uses only the perfective stem.


Paradigm: Neuter perfective (si), third person only.

PERFECTIVE singular plural dist. plural
3rd person (shijaaʼ) naazhjaaʼ ndaazhjaaʼ

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