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namluvit pf (imperfective namlouvat)

  1. to delude somebody (by talking)
    Namluvili jí, že její manžel padl v boji. - They made her believe that her husband had died in action.
  2. (reflexive, used with si) to delude oneself
    Namluvil si, že má rakovinu. - He deluded himself into believing that he had contracted cancer.
  3. (reflexive, used with si) to find, get, win (a boyfriend or girlfriend)
    Už mu bylo devatenáct,když se mu poprvé podařilo namluvit si děvče. - He was already nineteen when he for the first time succeeded in winning a girlfriend.
  4. to record (by speaking - on a tape, vinyl etc)
    Pohádky namluvili přední brněnští herci. - The fairytales are told by eminent actors from the town of Brno.
  5. to dub (a film)
    Kdo namluvil Johna Cleese? - Who dubbed the voice of John Cleese?


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