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From natural +‎ -ism. Compare French naturalisme.


naturalism ‎(countable and uncountable, plural naturalisms)

  1. A state of nature; conformity to nature.
  2. The doctrine that denies a supernatural agency in the miracles and revelations recorded in religious texts and in spiritual influences.
  3. (philosophy) Any system of philosophy which refers the phenomena of nature as a blind force or forces acting necessarily or according to fixed laws, excluding origination or direction by a will.
  4. (philosophy) A doctrine which denies a strong separation between scientific and philosophic methodologies and/or topics
  5. (art) A movement in theatre, film, and literature that seeks to replicate a believable everyday reality, as opposed to such movements as Romanticism or Surrealism, in which subjects may receive highly symbolic, idealistic, or even supernatural treatment.
  6. (nonstandard) naturism, nudism, social nudity.(Can we verify(+) this sense?)

Usage notes[edit]

  • Referring to nudism as naturalism is often considered an error, since the term used to describe the life philosophy involving clothes-free living is known as naturism ([1] source).


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