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Alternative forms[edit]


nec (not) +‎ ōtium (leisure)



negōtium n (genitive negōtiī or negōtī); second declension

  1. business, employment, occupation, affair
    Synonyms: mūnia, mūnus, ministerium, officium
  2. (figuratively) difficulty, pains, trouble, labor
    Negotium exhibere alicui.
    To give trouble to someone.
    Facili negotio.
    With little trouble.
  3. (figuratively) matter, thing (= πρᾶγμα (prâgma))
    Quid est negotii?
    What thing is it?


Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative negōtium negōtia
Genitive negōtiī
Dative negōtiō negōtiīs
Accusative negōtium negōtia
Ablative negōtiō negōtiīs
Vocative negōtium negōtia

1Found in older Latin (until the Augustan Age).

Related terms[edit]



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    • to entrust a matter to a person; to commission: mandatum, negotium alicui dare
    • to entrust a matter to a person; to commission: negotium ad aliquem deferre
    • to undertake an affair: negotium suscipere
    • to execute, manage a business, undertaking: negotium obire, exsequi
    • to arrange, settle a matter: negotium conficere, expedire, transigere
    • to be occupied with business, busy: negotia agere, gerere
    • to be involved in many undertakings; to be much occupied, embarrassed, overwhelmed by business-claims: multis negotiis implicatum, districtum, distentum, obrutum esse
    • to be free from business: negotiis vacare
    • to give a person trouble, inconvenience him: negotium alicui facessere (Fam. 3. 10. 1)
    • it is a great undertaking to..: magnum negotium est c. Inf.
    • without any trouble: nullo negotio
    • business-men: homines negotii (always in sing.) gerentes
    • good men of business: negotii bene gerentes (Quint. 19. 62)
    • to be engaged upon a transaction, carry it out: negotium obire or exsequi
    • to settle, finish a transaction: negotium (rem) conficere, absolvere
    • to have commercial interests in Sicily: negotia habere (in Sicilia)
    • to have business relations with some one: contrahere rem or negotium cum aliquo (Cluent. 14. 41)
    • public affairs: negotia publica (Off. 1. 20. 69)
    • to retire from public life: a negotiis publicis se removere
    • banished from public life: gerendis negotiis orbatus (Fin. 5. 20. 57)