no duh

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Alternative forms[edit]


US from 1962.[1]



no duh

  1. (chiefly US, colloquial, sarcastic) An expression or exclamation that something is exceedingly obvious or apparent, or that one would have to be extremely foolish not to realize something immediately. [From 1962.]
    It says here not to drive with the sun shade covering the windshield of your car. No duh!
    • 2005, Robin Jones Gunn, Gardenias For Breakfast, page 99,
      A long pause was followed by Hannah saying, “Well, no duh!”
      “That sign. Did you read that sign?”
      “No, what did it say?”
      “It said ‘State Prison Next Exit: Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers.’ That′s why I said, no duh! Like they have to tell people not to pick up hitchhikers.”
      “That was a strange sign,” I agreed.
    • 2008, Donald James Parker, All the Stillness of the Wind, page 127,
      “I could maybe buy that one, for some who has advanced up the scale of faith. However, I have trouble believing it would be sellable to the general population.”
      “That′s a big ‘no duh.’ Now, I hope you don′t mind me keeping your feet to the fire. Let′s get back to your idea that maybe there are multiple paths to Heaven. And by the way, I hope you know you′re making me dizzy.”
    • 2010, Joselin Linder, Elena Donovan Mauer, Have Sex Like You Just Met - No Matter How Long You've Been Together, page xvii,
      Ultimately, humans aren′t wholly monogamoue either. (Can we hear a “No duh,” from the bleacher seats?)



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