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From nose +‎ dive



nosedive (plural nosedives)

  1. A headfirst fall or jump.
  2. (aviation) A drop in altitude with the nose of the craft angled downwards.
  3. (economics, etc.) A rapid fall, e.g. in price or value.
    • 2022 April 6, Howard Johnston, “SRA: Lets not make the same mistakes with GBR”, in RAIL, number 954, page 34:
      Byers was frequently at odds with Rail Regulator Sir Tom Winsor, but quit after 11 months - his career took a nosedive when he admitted false claims for £125,000 expenses, and he was banned from the House of Commons for two years.



nosedive (third-person singular simple present nosedives, present participle nosediving, simple past and past participle nosedived)

  1. (intransitive, of aircraft) To dive down in a steep angle.
  2. (intransitive, economy) To perform a rapid fall in price or value.
    • 2020 July 29, Paul Stephen, “A new collaboration centred on New Street”, in Rail, page 56:
      With punctuality nosediving and both overcrowding and cancellations on the rise, a new simplified timetable was introduced in December amid threats from the Mayor that he would ask the Secretary of State for Transport to strip Abellio of the franchise.


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