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oil painting (countable and uncountable, plural oil paintings)

  1. A painting done with oil paints.
  2. (uncountable) The art of painting with oil paints.
  3. (Britain, humorous, litotes, chiefly in the negative) A physically attractive person.
    • 1920 Henry St. John Cooper Sunny Ducrow, Putnam's, p.117:
      "Very lovely!" he said, staring her straight in the face.
      "You needn't try and be funny!" she said. "If you mean me, I'm no oil-painting, and I know it!"
    • 2007 "Virginia Trioli talks to George Brandis and Wayne Swan" Lateline ABC (Australia) 14 September 2007:
      Wayne Swan: All I can say is that she's a much more attractive person than the Prime Minister.
      George Brandis: You're not exactly an oil painting yourself, Wayne.