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oink +‎ -er


oinker (plural oinkers)

  1. Someone or something that oinks.
  2. (slang, countable) A pig: an animal of the genus Sus.
  3. (derogatory slang, countable) A pig: a fat person.
    • 2002, Mo Hayder, The Treatment, Doubleday, ISBN 0385496958, page 302,
      "What an oinker," someone whispered off screen. Then something Caffery couldn't understand, which ended clearly with the word "flabby."
  4. (derogatory slang, countable) A pig: a dirty or slovenly person.
  5. (derogatory slang, countable) An MCP; male chauvinist pig.
    • 2006, Robert B. Parker, Hundred-Dollar Baby, Putnam, ISBN 0399153764, page 150,
      The slug they dug out of him was a .22. A woman's gun? Or was I being a sexist oinker?
  6. (derogatory slang, countable) A pig: a glutton.
    • 2005, Jacqueline Meadows, Something Wanton, Ellora's Cave Publishing, ISBN 1419951017, page 95,
      "I know I'm being an oinker but I didn't get lunch today." My ravenous gaze fell to his half-eaten hotdog. "You going to finish that?"
  7. (derogatory slang, countable) A pig: a police officer.
    • 1998, Jessica Speart, Tortoise Soup, HarperCollins, ISBN 0380792893, page 40,
      "Hi. I'm Rachel Porter, with Fish and Wildlife," I said.
      "So you're the new oinker, huh?" he commented, squinting up at me.


  • (all senses except 1): pig