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Etymology 1[edit]

Metathetic variant of olr, itself a variant of alr, itself a contraction of aller, itself a form of alder closer to the original Old English form of alor, aler (the d was a phonetic addition in Middle English); compare the English oryelle, as well as the Old High German erila, the Middle High German erle, and the Modern German Erle.


orl (plural orls)

  1. (in some British dialects, now rare) An alder tree.
  2. (obsolete, rare, elliptically) orl fly
Derived terms[edit]


  • Orl” listed on page 205 of volume VII (O–P) of A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles [1st ed., 1909]
    Orl, dial. form of olr, alr, Alder, the tree. [¶] [c 1440, see Oryelle.] 1747 R. Bowlker Art of Angling 27 This Hedge ought to be made chiefly of Orls. 1804 Duncumb Hist. Hereford I. Gloss. (E. D. S.), Orl, the wood alder. [¶] Hence Orl-fly, ellipt. Orl, the alder-fly, Sialis lutarius, used by anglers. [¶] 1747 R. Bowlker Art of Angling 69 The Orle Fly..is the best Fly to Fish with after the May Flyes are gone. 1787 Best Angling (ed. 2) 115 The Orl fly comes on the latter end of May and continues on till the latter end of June. 1875 W. Houghton Brit. Insects 64 The well-known orl or Alder-fly (Sialis lutarius).
  • orl” listed in the Oxford English Dictionary (second edition, 1989)
  • orl, n.” listed in the Oxford English Dictionary (third edition, September 2004)

Etymology 2[edit]

Pronunciation spelling.


orl (not comparable)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of all.
    That’s orl right.