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From Middle English oversenden (to send over, transmit), from Old English ofersendan (to transmit), corresponding to over- +‎ send, from Proto-Germanic *uber (over) + *sandijaną (to send). Cognate with Middle Dutch oversenden (to send over).


oversend (third-person singular simple present oversends, present participle oversending, simple past and past participle oversent)

  1. To send over, transmit. (Can we add an example for this sense?)
  2. To send a amount greater than what is required; to oversupply.
  3. (transitive, intransitive, email) To send to too many people.
    • 2010, Harriet Diamond, ‎Linda Eve Diamond, Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements
      Don't oversend. That means don't send an e-mail announcement to everyone who may have once sent you an e-mail; it also means don't overburden those who are willingly on your e-mail list because they want relevant information. Oversending e-mails is the surest way to be ignored or find your way to the junk mail file.

Derived terms[edit]