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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowing from Yiddish פּאַרעוו, פּאַרעווע ‎(parev, pareve), of uncertain origin, perhaps from a West Slavic source such as Czech párový ‎(occurring in pairs) (since pareve food can be paired with either meat dishes or milk dishes).[1][2]



pareve ‎(not comparable)

  1. (Judaism) Of food: that has no meat or milk in any form as an ingredient.
    My mom made a pareve casserole with soy hot dogs.
  2. (figuratively, by extension) Neutral, bland, inoffensive.

Usage notes[edit]

In Yiddish, פּאַרעוו ‎(parev) is the predicative form and פּאַרעווע ‎(pareve) the attributive form of the adjective. Some speakers familiar with Yiddish use this distribution in English as well, e.g., My mom made a pareve casserole but This casserole is parev.



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