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peat +‎ -y



peaty (comparative peatier, superlative peatiest)

  1. Of or resembling peat, especially the taste or smell.
    • 2004, Matthew Teller (editor), The Rough Guide to Britain, page 1120,
      The ten-year-old Ardbeg is traditionally considered the saltiest, peatiest malt on Islay (and that's saying something).
    • 2009, Jason Kawall, 17: Whisky and the Wild: On Preserving Methods and Distilleries, Fritz Allhoff, Marcus P. Adams (editors), Whiskey and Philosophy: A Small Batch of Spirited Ideas, page 277,
      Many are eagerly anticipating Bruichladdich's Octomore line—intended to be the peatiest whisky from Islay (with a peating level of 129 phenol ppm in the malt in 2003).
    • 2014, John E. Conway, Buckrammer's Tales: The Continuing Catboat Summers Adventures, page 43,
      After dinner, Ned revealed that he had snuck aboard a bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail, one of the smokiest, peatiest, single malt Scotches this side of Edinburgh; a spirit “as deep and mysterious as the loch that gives it its name" and one that smacks of distilled pine tar.
  2. Containing peat.
    • 1977, Derek A. Ratcliffe (editor), A Nature Conservation Review, Volume 2, page 270,
      The Drumochter Hills are a breeding haunt of dotterel, ptarmigan occur at high density, and where the ground is peatier, especially east of the Pass, golden plover and dunlin breed in company with these other birds at around 900 m.
    • 2004, Patrick J. Michaels, Meltdown, 2005, page 177,
      The Palmer Drought Severity Index for Minnesota, our peatiest state, shows a tendency for wetter, not drier conditions.
    • 2013, Ronald Turnbull, Walking Highland Perthshire, page 11,
      Ben Feskineth lay undiscovered in deepest, peatiest Perthshire.

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