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From Scottish Gaelic pillean (little rug), from Latin pellis (animal skin, pelt).



pillion (plural pillions)

  1. A pad behind the saddle of a horse for a second rider.
    • 1861, George Eliot, “Chapter 11”, in Silas Marner:
      It was all the greater triumph to Miss Nancy Lammeter's beauty that she looked thoroughly bewitching in that costume, as, seated on the pillion behind her tall, erect father, she held one arm round him, and looked down, with open-eyed anxiety, at the treacherous snow-covered pools and puddles, which sent up formidable splashings of mud under the stamp of Dobbin's foot.
  2. A similar second saddle on a motorcycle for a passenger.
  3. The person riding in the pillion.


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pillion (comparative more pillion, superlative most pillion)

  1. Riding behind the driving rider, as when positioned on the rump of a mount.