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poacher (plural poachers)

  1. A person who trespasses in order to take game illegally, one who poaches.
  2. A vessel with shallow cuplike compartments in which eggs are cooked over boiling water
  3. (soccer) An attacker with good movement inside the penalty box, see Wikipedia:Goal poacher.
    • 2011 January 16, Saj Chowdhury, “Sunderland 1 - 1 Newcastle”, BBC:
      Regular supplier Barton played in another teasing corner, which was headed on towards goal by the impressive Ameobi and flicked in by expert poacher Nolan.
  4. Any of type of elongated fish in the Agonidae family, also known as alligatorfish, starsnout, hooknose and rockhead.
  5. (US, dialect) The American wigeon.

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