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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle French politique, from Latin politicus, from Ancient Greek πολιτικός(politikós), from πολίτης(polítēs, citizen).



politic ‎(comparative more politic, superlative most politic)

  1. (archaic) Of or relating to polity, or civil government; political.
    the body politic
    • (Can we date this quote?) Sir Philip Sidney
      He with his people made all but one politic body.
  2. (archaic, of things) Relating to, or promoting, a policy, especially a national policy; well-devised; adapted to its end, whether right or wrong.
    a politic treaty
    • (Can we date this quote?) Shakespeare
      enrich'd with politic grave counsel
  3. (archaic) Sagacious in promoting a policy; ingenious in devising and advancing a system of management; devoted to a scheme or system rather than to a principle; hence, in a good sense, wise; prudent; sagacious
    • (Can we date this quote?) Shakespeare
      Politic with my friend, smooth with mine enemy.
  4. Shrewd, prudent and expedient.
  5. Discreet and diplomatic.
  6. Artful, crafty or cunning.


Related terms[edit]


politic ‎(plural politics)

  1. (archaic) A politician.
    (Can we find and add a quotation of Francis Bacon to this entry?)
    • Lowell
      Swiftly the politic goes; is it dark? he borrows a lantern; / Slowly the statesman and sure, guiding his feet by the stars.



politic ‎(comparative plus politic, superlative le plus politic)

  1. political



politic m pl

  1. plural of politich