porter's lodge

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Alternative forms[edit]


porter's lodge (plural porters' lodges)

  1. A building for the porter(s) near the gate of a castle, college, etc., (historical) formerly used as a place of punishment for the staff.
    • 1471, Account Rolls of the Abbey of Durham, Vol. III, 644:
      Factura muri infra le Porterloge.
    • 1819 August 30, Times, p. 2:
      The keys... were on Saturday stolen from the porter's lodge.
  2. (UK, Canada) An equivalent room near the gate of a college, chiefly used as a mailroom.
    • 1991, Stephen Fry, The Liar, p. 54:
      ...he walked across Hawthorn Tree Court on his way to the porter's lodge... At the lodge he cleared his pigeon-hole.


Derived terms[edit]