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From president + elect.


  • IPA(key): /ˌpɹɛzɪdənt ɪˈlɛkt/


president-elect (plural presidents-elect)

  1. (sum of parts) A person who has been elected to a presidency but has not yet been inducted into office. [from 18th c.]
    • 1828, [James Fenimore Cooper], “To the Professor Jansen, &c. &c.”, in Notions of the Americans: Picked Up by a Travelling Bachelor. In Two Volumes, volume II, Philadelphia, Pa.: Carey, Lea & Carey, [], OCLC 13407943, page 199:
      Late on the evening of the 3d of March Congress rose, but in point of fact, the change of Executive power was not made until the President elect took the oath of Office.
    • 1992, Tapan Prasad Biswal, Ghana: Political and Constitutional Developments, page 166:
      The Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (later to be referred as AFRC) government handed over the reins of government to the president elect of the Third Republic Dr. Hilla Limann, thus ending seven and a half years of military rule.
    • 2016 November 16, Sam Thielman, The Guardian:
      Four in five white evangelicals who cast a vote last week did so for president-elect Trump, who repeatedly encouraged violence at his rallies and bragged that being a celebrity meant no one would stop him from grabbing women “by the pussy”.