pussy pass

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pussy pass ‎(plural pussy passes)

  1. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) The supposed tendency of female criminals to be awarded lighter sentences than males.
    • 2007, Dakota Knight, Biker Chick (page 78)
      "Are you saying I have to break out the pussy pass for two nights straight?"
    • 2009, "MCP", Apparently it is because he 'seduced' her. A 14 year old seduced a 39 year old. (on newsgroup soc.men)
      Women are equal to men, and just as responsible (when it goes to high paying jobs) but not when women break the fucking law, in which case they're poor defenceless little pieces of scum shit that get that pussy pass.
    • 2015, Stephen Jarosek, Tyrants of Matriarchy
      Affirmative action and the pussy pass in all matters costs men not only in terms of their rights, identity and dignity []

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