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pussy pass (plural pussy passes)

  1. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) The tendency of women to receive lighter criminal sentences or be held to a lesser standard of personal accountability than men.
    • 2010 September 24, Ted, “Re: Woman executed for double killing”, in soc.men, Usenet[1]:
      This is very strange. Her execution might have "stirred an unusual amount of attention because of her gender", but she got the death penalty and her two male accomplices didn't. Why didn't the pussy pass work here?
    • 2010 October 19, Andrew Usher, “Women politicians!”, in alt.philosophy, Usenet[2]:
      We notice the Sarah Palin-type Republican women that seem to bean embarrassment to everyone. They're beneficiaries of the pussy pass - that sort of ignorance and idiocy would never be tolerated in a man.
    • 2013, Stephen Jarosek, Tyrants of Matriarchy: Debunking Feminism and the Myth of Patriarchal Oppression, Lulu.com (2013), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      Affirmative action and the pussy pass in all matters costs men not only in terms of their rights, identity and dignity, but it costs women in terms of their psychological and emotional development.
  2. (slang, vulgar) A notional ticket allowing a man to have sex with a woman.
    • 1978, George G. Gilman, Edge: Red River, Pinnacle Books (1978), →ISBN, page 45:
      "It won't buy you any wine," Paxton told him.
      "I know that," the drunk replied in an insulted tone. "It's a pussy pass, ain't it?"
      "Paxton grinned wearily. "How would you know that? You'd rather have a snort than a screw any day."
    • 2007, Deirdre Martin, Chasing Stanley, Berkley Sensation (2007), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      Or when some gorgeous piece of ass in a Blades Jersey offers you a pussy pass good for one night only and you have to turn her down.
    • 2013, Mary B. Morrison, Unconditionally Single, Dafina Books (2013), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      Maybe it was the fact that women allowed their exes an all-access pussy pass, or men were too egotistical to believe their exes didn't want the dick anymore.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:pussy pass.

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