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re- +‎ cam


recam (third-person singular simple present recams, present participle recamming, simple past and past participle recammed)

  1. (video games, transitive) To recreate (a recording of gameplay in a three-dimensional playfield) with different camera positioning and movement from the original camera that followed the player's viewpoint.
    • 2007, Andy Clarke, Grethe Mitchell, Videogames and Art, page 71:
      Having “wondered if maybe we could alter the camera position in our demos to make them more movie-like to watch”, Bailey used Remaic to create a new recammed version of the speedrun.
    • 2008, James Newman, Playing with Videogames, page 146:
      For Marino (2004), the development of recamming tools and the subsequent dissociation of camera and POV in postproduction, marks the 'defining moment' for Machinima.
    • 2011, Henry Lowood, Michael Nitsche, The Machinima Reader, page 7:
      Replays captured as demo movies have been circulated as skills demonstrations, as recordings of significant competitive events (i.e., Thresh's defeat of Billox at Quakedelica in 1998, circulated as a recammed highlight reel) []


recam (plural recams)

  1. (video games) A recreated gameplay recording of this kind.